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Challenging Times
The design and construction of the Humber Bridge is evidence of man's creativity and skill,
Organisations are living entities as they contain individuals with creativity and free will.  No matter what form of organisation is used,  people and organisational issues will arise as the same key characteristic is present - people.
Many senior managers grapple with the need to engage employees/staff with the aims of the organisation and meeting the needs of customers. 
In the current challenging economic environment, it is important to address the people and organizational issues which detract from achieving your goals.
To help in that task, we provide advice and implementation support at several levels.

Organisational Capability
Whatever type of organisation you lead, your managers and staff are having to constantly adapt to:
  • attract customers;
  • retain their loyalty;
  • improve the organisation's results and reputation. 
Rapidly changing technology and increased customer expectations bring new pressures and opportunities.  However, constant change can make an organisation weary and leave staff feeling numb.  Even so, managers have to ensure that the appropriate organisational capability is in place to respond effectively.
Companies, schools etc. go through growth and plateau stages which often demand a time of refocusing.  With that in mind we provide a range of services to help senior managers as summarised below.

Major Changes - Initial Thinking Check
Faced with a major change, the CEO and/or Chair find it useful to discuss the issues they face and to gauge whether their initial inclinations and timescales are feasible.
Confidentiality is paramount at this early stage.  Discussion with an external, independent hr professional gives the benefit of an objective view of the options, free of any internal politics.   
Changes - Advice and Implementation Support 
Organisatioinal changes often need to be dealt with quickly to mimimise uncertainty for staff and disruption.  Such needs arise in situations such as: TUPE due to an acquisition or changes in the provision of services, restructuring or handling performance issues with or the departure of a senior manager or director. 
Such changes require clear advice to determine the preferred options and practical support to help the senior management team deal with the issues that will arise. 
Engaging with Staff to Improve Commitment
Engagement is a popular term but often senior managers feel uncomfortable or disappointed with the results.  Thinking through the desired outcomes and the preparedness of senior managers to take on board the feedback from engagement is critical. 
Getting the Basics Right
An organisation can find itself suddenly facing discontent and this is often due to a relatively simple matter that has been suppressed.  It may be as simple as the application of a policy or the contractual terms.  It is important to ensure that the basic key hr practices are put into place to protect both the company and employees such as contractual terms and the extent of flexibility; consistent application of policies. 
The above are just a few ways in which we help senior managers As organisations are living entities, sound HR management advice ensures that the realities of both people and organisational issues are addressed in a way which reinforces progress towards the organisation's goals.

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